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when scented

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our exquisite scented candles

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Cruelty free

Proudly Made
in Malaysia

Super Strong

Extra long
burn time

Developed with Master Perfumers

Small in size,
Strong in scent

The scented candles from Lulusta are a great way to add a little magic to your home. The candles are small, but the scent is strong and covers wide area. This was a collaborative effort with master perfumers from Europe.

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Luxurious scent for your home

Melt your stress away

The Lulusta candles have luxurious scent while helping reduce stress and anxiety through its aromatherapy effect. The unique design of each candle will help you relax and unwind with a beautiful aroma that can be enjoyed by all.

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Beautiful and functional

Designed with
attention to details

Lulusta candles are designed with close attention to detail. From the ingredients, to the fragrance, to the packaging. We take pride in our candles because we know how important it is for you to feel good about what you're burning (and we love what we do).

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Reed Diffuser

Transform your space with the Lulusta Reed Diffuser! Eco-friendly and non-toxic, this diffuser offers a strong, long-lasting scent that keeps your home or office smelling amazing. Perfect for city-dwelling professionals, our reed diffusers use fragrance oils and essences sourced from all over Europe, ensuring a luxurious and sophisticated aroma. Elevate your environment with Lulusta’s premium reed diffuser and experience the perfect blend of elegance and sustainability!
Regular price RM65.00
Sale price RM65.00 Regular price
Regular price RM65.00
Sale price RM65.00 Regular price
Regular price RM65.00
Sale price RM65.00 Regular price

Air Fresheners

Experience the lasting freshness of Lulusta Multipurpose Air Fresheners, designed to stand out with a size four times larger than other brands and enduring for an impressive 1-2 months. Crafted for those who value efficiency and effectiveness, Lulusta delivers strong, refreshing scents that revitalize any space instantly, ensuring your environment remains pleasantly aromatic for longer. Perfect for homes, offices, or any indoor setting, Lulusta is the go-to solution for sustained freshness and a clean, inviting atmosphere.
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Candle Bars / Wax Melts

Lulusta Candle Bars / Wax Melt is a scented wax product used with a warmer or burner to release fragrance into indoor spaces, serving as a safer alternative to traditional candles. It comes in various shapes and scents, providing a wide range of options for home fragrance and aromatherapy purposes.
Regular price RM21.50
Sale price RM21.50 Regular price RM21.50
Regular price RM21.50
Sale price RM21.50 Regular price RM21.50
Regular price RM21.50
Sale price RM21.50 Regular price RM21.50
Regular price RM21.50
Sale price RM21.50 Regular price RM21.50

Combo and Aroma Burner

Lulusta's ceramic candle burners are a must-have for wax melt enthusiasts, combining exceptional quality, safety features, and stylish design. Versatile and easy to clean, they enhance fragrance release and make for an eco-friendly and thoughtful gift.
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Sale price RM39.90 Regular price
Regular price RM65.90
Sale price RM65.90 Regular price
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What People Are Saying

Siti Amira, Malaysia

Bringging back memories

Scented candles from Lulusta are a delightful addition to my home. The 'Countryside' candle bar takes me back to my European road trip that I had many years ago, filling my living room with nostalgic aromas!

Faris, Malaysia

Smells amazing!

Lulusta's scented candles have become my go-to gift for friends and family. The 'Honolulu Tropical Beach' candle infuses my home with the refreshing scents of Hawaiian beaches and makes me feel like I'm on a vacation right in my own space.

Siti Hajar, Malaysia

The spa scent is strong but relaxing!

I've tried many scented candles, but Lulusta's 'Royal Spa' candle bar is on a whole new level! The sweet and herbal fragrance instantly relax my mood, and I can't get enough of it

Azman Ibrahim, Malaysia

The smell is OMG so nice!!

Lulusta's candles bars are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere during family gatherings. My favourite it "Spring Break", it is floral but not too overpowering, bringing warmth to our home, making everyone feel welcome.

Jenny Hu, Malaysia

Magical scent, I love it!

Neverland Midnight Forest candle from Lulusta is my absolute favorite! It transports me to the lush rainforests of Malaysia, and the fresh scent is so invigorating after a long day.

Sharifah Zahra, Malaysia

Love it so much

Lulusta's scented candles are my secret to creating a relaxing spa-like ambiance at home. Bali Royal Spa candle calms my mind and soul, making it perfect for meditation and me-time