Air Freshener - Tropical Beach (40ml)

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Escape to paradise with "Tropical Beach" air freshener! This vibrant mix of litchi, watermelon, and Bulgarian roses instantly transforms your space into a sun-soaked haven. Perfect for lifting spirits and creating a joyous atmosphere, it's like a summer vacation in a bottle. Let "Tropical Beach" whisk you away to your own slice of bliss, where every day is a burst of refreshing, tropical delight.

Top: Green Leaves, Sweet Lychee
Middle: Guava, British Rose
Base: Sweet Nectar, Strawberry

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24-Hour burn time

Custom Soy Wax

Cruelty Free

Made in

Product Specifications

  • Glass Bottle

  • Switzerland, UK, France

  • +/- 40ml

  • 1-2 months

  • This multipurpose air fresheners have strong scent. Suitable to be used in closed space such as car, wardrobe, toilets etc.

How to use Lulusta Air Freshener

To enjoy the fresh scent of Lulusta Air Freshener, follow these simple steps: First, take off the plastic stopper at the top. Then, twist on the wooden cap tightly. Quickly flip the bottle upside down and then right side up again to let the wooden cap soak up some fragrance. Next, unscrew the cap, place the white diffuser stick inside, and screw the cap back on. Give it about 3-4 days for the cap to fully soak up the fragrance, ensuring you get the strongest scent possible.

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