Secret Garden Candle Bar

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Step into Lulusta's Secret Garden, where serenity blossoms with each gentle flicker. This fragrance pays tribute to historic royal gardens, crafting a captivating blend of nature's finest. With every breath, you're transported to a world of blooming flowers and ripe fruits, as anxiety melts away in a delicate floral and fruity symphony. Let the Secret Garden candle infuse your space with regal tranquility, a fragrant sanctuary befitting royalty.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Note : Honey Dew, Sweet Melon
Middle Note : English Rose, Fresh Freesia
Base Note : Amber, Patchouli, Musk

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24-Hour burn time

Custom Soy Wax

Cruelty Free

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Product Specifications

  • Flameless Candle Bar

  • N/A

  • Switzerland, UK, France

  • 70g

  • 24 hours

  • This candle bar needs to be used with candle burner or oil burner. Using this candle in a room with good air flow (i.e. Air-conditioner or fan switched on) will increase the dispersibility of the fragrance.

How to use Lulusta Wax Melt

To use wax melts, place them in the wax warmer and turn it on or light the tea light underneath. Enjoy the captivating fragrance as it fills your space. Remember to never leave the warmer unattended.

When done, turn it off or extinguish the tea light. Reuse the wax until the scent fades. Voilà! Your home will smell fantastic!

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